Pit Bull Stabbed Three Times in Davie Neighbors' Dispute: Police - NBC 6 South Florida

Pit Bull Stabbed Three Times in Davie Neighbors' Dispute: Police

The man who stabbed the dog said he was defending himself



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    Rain, a 2-year-old pit bull, was stabbed three times in a confrontation outside a Davie home Friday. The man who injured the dog said he was defending himself.

    A dispute between neighbors led to a dog being stabbed in Davie Friday, police said.

    Blood lined the sidewalk and stairs outside a Davie home where the incident happened. One man, who didn't want to be identified, said it was because he stabbed a pit bull three times with a pocket knife.

    "The dog came at me again, I stabbed him. He backed up. I was hoping that's enough of him," the man said. "He came again. I stabbed him again. He came again. I stabbed him again."

    The man said he walked down the street because the dog's owner owed him money for fixing his car. Davie Police said when he went to collect the debt, the pit bull's owner let her loose.

    "He told the dogs, sic me, sic him, get him, kill him," the man who said he was attacked by the dog told NBC 6 South Florida.

    The dog's owner said that her 2-year-old pit bull, named Rain, didn't attack the man. Instead, he was a stranger and it was the other way around, she claimed.

    "Some man that I don't even know, jumped my fence and attacked my dog," said the dog owner, who wouldn't give her name.

    Rain is one of two dogs the family has. The owner's daughter, Tiffani Weiss, saw the aftermath.

    "There was blood all over the place," Weiss said. "She was bleeding from her neck."

    Police said the neighbor was bit once in the groin and on his hand. He said he didn't want to hurt the dog, but felt like he had no choice.

    "I would hope that I didn't kill a dog because it's not the dog's fault," he said. "A dog is like a military trained person. You tell them to kill, that's what they do. I don't blame the dog. I blame the negligence of the owners."

    The pit bull was receiving oxygen Friday night and is expected to live, but police said it will probably not be returning to its owners, who may face charges.

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