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Reestablishing connections with the island nation and its people

President Obama Praises Courage of Cuban Dissidents



    Jackie Nespral Interviews Cubans Dissidents

    Obama's address opened a whirlwind final day on the island that included a meeting with Cuban dissidents and a baseball game featuring the country's beloved national team, events made possible by the normalization of U.S. and Cuban relations 15 months ago. (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2016)

    President Barack Obama is praising a group of Cuban dissidents for showing "extraordinary courage."

    Obama is meeting with a group of about a dozen activists at the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

    He is noting that the group represented various causes and some in the room have been detained by government authorities — "some in the past, some very recently." Some have broad concerns about democracy and "the ability to speak freely, worship freely." He says: "It requires, often times, great courage to be active in civic life here in Cuba."

    The group includes journalist Miriam Celaya, attorney Laritza Diversent and activist Manuel Cuesta and Jose Daniel Ferrer.

    Obama says the U.S.-Cuba policy is about engaging people directly. He says he hopes "that by listening and hearing" from Cuban people that U.S. policy will help them "live freely and with prosperity."

    He says: "Much of this is a matter of us being able to hear directly from the Cuban people and making sure that they have a voice and making sure that their concerns and their ideas are helping to shape U.S. policy."

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