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Married Couple a Real-Life Romeo and Juliet

Miami City Ballet casts married couple to perform lead roles in Romeo and Juliet



    The iconic love story of Romeo and Juliet is taking to the stage in Miami this weekend. For the two dancers in the lead roles, portraying the lovers isn't much of a stretch. (Published Friday, March 25, 2011)

    They're the most famous couple in the world -- Romeo and Juliet --but the Miami City Ballet's version is in love, for real.

    Carlos Guerra and Jennifer Kronenberg are husband and wife and they'll play the lead roles in this weekend's show at the Adrienne Arsht Center.

    "Nothing is fabricated the way we dance together," said Kronenberg about her intimate dance moves with her real-life "Romeo."

    "I fell in love with her from the beginning," Guerra says, remembering the first day he met Jennifer at the Miami City Ballet in Miami Beach.

    But like Shakespeare's tragedy, Guerra and Kronenberg experienced some drama of their own.

    The two danced together for five years before Guerra found the guts to tell Kronenberg how he felt. Finally, when he couldn't keep it a secret any longer, he professed his love to her after a 1-on-1 rehearsal.

    "I told her, 'I love you. If I had a wedding ring, I'd give it to you right now,'" said Guerra.

    Most women would've melted at that line, but Kronenberg went into shock.

    "I told him he was crazy," she said. "I said, 'you've barely said two words to me all these years, you don't know if you're in love, you're crazy!'"

    But Guerra was sure of it and he proved it to Kronenberg. The two got married in May 2006.

    Five years later, art imitates life, as the longtime dance partners rehearse for their most perfect role yet. Star-crossed lovers, but unlike Romeo and Juliet, they're planning for a happy ending.