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Repair Shop To Reopen with New Owners and Return Items



    NBC 6 Responds: Closed Store Set to Reopen

    A repair shop that closed its doors without notice and left customers stranded is now set to reopen. Consumer Investigator Sasha Jones has the story with the new owner.

    (Published Friday, Nov. 2, 2018)

    A Pembroke Pines repair shop is set to reopen after being closed for months.

    NBC 6 Responds first told you about the closure of Bitter Blue Lawn and Garden in August after customers reached out asking for our help getting back items they dropped off to be fixed.

    Adriana Bukstel was one of those customers. We met with Bukstel at the repair shop two months after she first reached out to us. We watched as she retrieved her generator from Bitter Blue Lawn and Garden.

    “At least we haven’t had any hurricanes, and I am just happy to get it back,” Bukstel told us.

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    She took her generator to the repair shop in July after discovering a family of possums ate through the hoses. Soon after she realized the store was no longer open.

    We discovered the once-popular repair shop had closed its doors without notice. The property manager told us the owners left without warning. The landlord couldn’t return the items to customers until the owners were officially evicted.

    In September, a judge signed a default order for eviction. Now, a new owner, Robert Engel, is stepping in to take over the business.

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    “I was shocked. I don’t know how you can do that to the customers,” Engel told us.

    Engel said when he found out the repair shop needed new owners, he jumped at the chance.

    “My grandfather started it in 1982. I always wanted it. I’ve worked here my whole life. I saw an opportunity to get it back in my family and restore the name my grandfather built,” Engel said.

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    One way to restore it, he said, is to return items to their rightful owners.

    “Be patient. We will do our best. We will try to help them out to the best of ability,” said Engel.

    For Adriana, she is happy to have her generator back working good as new.

    “I really couldn’t understand it taking as long as it took,” said Engel.

    Engel says his doors are open for people to come and pick up their equipment and he is also willing to make repairs if the items were not repaired by the previous owners.

    He is planning to host a grand opening next month.

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