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Sack Master Tackles The Tango



    Sack Master Tackles The Tango
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    Would you like to do the waltz with this guy? You can tune in to Dancing with the Stars to see if Lawrence Taylor has the right steps.

    Lawrence Taylor traded in his football cleats and intimidating face paint for a pair of sandals and some sunscreen when he retired to the peaceful sands of South Florida.

    Now, the NFL Hall of Famer is preparing to lace up his dancing shoes and maybe add a dash of rouge as he joins the list of sports icons who have competed in the eighth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

    Can you imagine Taylor, probably the most feared player in the NFL during his 13 year-career, shimmying across the dance floor, all the while wearing a bright smile to sway voters?

    Well, believe it!

    "I'm still nervous but I've got a good partner, a great teacher," Taylor said recently in an interview reported by the Miami Herald. "I'm actually starting to like this stuff."

    This from the same guy who used to party hard all night on Saturdays (insert your choice of  recreational drug here), step on the field on Sunday and make opposing quarterbacks wet their pants. And that's if he liked you.

    Football players Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, former Dolphin Jason Taylor (break a leg why don't you)  and most recently Warren Sapp have had great success on the popular TV show.

    Now 50, who knows if Taylor is as fleet of foot as he was in his playing days, but question his dancing talent at your own risk.