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Schools Locked Down Through Day During Fugitive Search



    Schools Lockdown as Law Enforcement Searches for Suspect

    NBC 6's Marissa Bagg has the details as schools went into code red status as law enforcement was searching for a violent suspect. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014)

    As law enforcement was out in force in Broward County Tuesday to catch a dangerous fugitive, several thousand students went into a lockdown that lasted all day.

    “It was frightening,” said Michael Nesbitt, a sophomore at Stranahan High School. “We were doing work and our principal came over the intercom and said we were on code red.”

    In all, five schools (Walker Elementary, Dillard High School, Stranahan High School, Dillard Elementary, and North Fork Elementary) that were just blocks away from Broward Boulevard were placed on mandatory lockdown from early Tuesday morning until just before school ended.

    “We were scared because police were walking around with guns,” said Dtonius Clark, a sophomore at Stranahan High School. “All we knew was a man was doing terrible things around.”

    Students stayed in their classrooms, even eating lunch in the classroom, all in the name of safety. Police instructed students to stay away from windows and doors as police searched the streets nearby. School staff said they were in constant contact with police letting them know everyone was accounted for in the respective schools.

    Several parents told NBC 6’s Marissa Bagg that they were happy and proud with the response of the schools amid all the chaos going on outside.

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