Some Possible Complaints of Front Load Washers

Front load washers have been all the rage with many consumers because they are touted as being more energy efficient than top loaders because they save time and money by cutting down on electricity and water use.

But now, thousands of consumers are complaining online and to the makers of the machines.

A Team 6 investigation found that numerous lawsuits have been filed against multiple manufacturers over what some say is growing inside of their front load washing machines.

Tammy Fox-Isicoff says her house smelled so bad that her husband hired environmental engineers to determine if she had a mold problem in her house.

She said: “Everything came out fine – the only mold was coming from the wash machine.”

She said she also felt the problem had begun impacting her health, “was having trouble breathing, and literally by the end of every day, by 3 o’clock every day I had no voice…”

Fox-Isicoff says she telephoned the maker, Electrolux, and wrote to the manufacturer, to fix the problem, but they wouldn’t. So, she hired attorney Stuart Eppsteiner and filed a lawsuit against the company.

Eppsteiner said he had engineers take Fox-Isicoff’s and other Electrolux machines apart.

“It doesn’t have the rinsing aspect of a top loader, and the dirty water stays in the unit after the wash cycle is over. You close the door and it stays hot and moist and then bacteria, and mold and other organisms starts to grow inside of the machines…” Eppsteiner said.

When Team 6 Investigators contacted Electrolux, they said the following in a written statement: "Electrolux takes the safety of its products very seriously. To help prevent odors, mildew or mold, consumers should leave the door open for a few hours after use or if more convenient, when the washer is not in use.” Electrolux and many other front load manufacturers do instruct users that consumers leave the door open.

Fox-Isicoff eventually settled with Electrolux for $1,500, ditched her front loading wash machine and bought a new top loading washer and dryer. She said she is much happier and much healthier now.