South Florida Jewish Community Opens Doors for Israelis Stuck in U.S. - NBC 6 South Florida

South Florida Jewish Community Opens Doors for Israelis Stuck in U.S.



    NBC 6's Trina Robinson shows you how some in the South Florida Jewish community are opening their homes to Israelis stuck in the U.S. due to an FAA restriction. (Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014)

    South Florida’s Jewish community is half-a-world away from the fighting in Israel and Gaza, but that doesn’t mean the impact of the invasion isn’t hitting home. For one local family, they are opening their home to Israelis who can’t leave the United States.

    Gavin Susman and others are offering to turn their homes into hotels for Israelis who can’t fly back due to the FAA restrictions for planes flying to Israel. Susman and others said they will continue to offer their homes to Israelis for free until the flight restrictions to the nation are lifted.

    “I just got back from Israel before the war started,” Susman said. “We’re very supportive of what’s going on in Israel and it’s just something we could give back; a sliver of something to the Israeli community.”

    Susman said Israeli families that are stuck in the United States can contact him by clicking here. After that, Synagogues and other Jewish organizations will step-in to get them housing until the ban is lifted and they can fly back.

    The Federal Aviation Administration has kept a no-fly rule in place for flights to Israel for the last 48 hours. The FAA adopted the plan after a missile landed near an airport in Israel. The FAA hasn’t said when it may lift the ban.

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