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South Florida Teachers Voice Concerns During Education Nation

Teachers voiced their concerns over testing, evaluations and poverty among other things Sunday afternoon



    Teachers gather in Miami Beach for a town hall on education Sunday. Sara Cuaresma, a biology teacher said she was concerned about millions that go into evaluations and laws and not into the classrooms. Teacher Karla Mats also voiced her concern with testing. (Published Sunday, May 20, 2012)

    About 500 teachers from all over Florida gathered in Miami Beach Sunday for NBC’s Education Nation, a chance to talk about what worries them in the classroom and in the school system.

    The town hall meeting was televised on NBC 6 with NBC News Correspondent Rehema Ellis as the moderator.

    "What I hear from this is a lot of optimism in this audience about the potential for children. Am I right?” Ellis asked the audience.

    The goal this year was to highlight advances, improvements and accomplishments in Florida's school system.

    FCAT Helping to Determine Teacher Bonuses

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    The Miami-Dade school district's Race to the Top director, Thomas Fisher, Hialeah High School teacher Kathy Pham and United Teachers of Dade President Karen Aronowitz discuss the new arrangement in which this year's FCAT scores will help determine instructors' bonuses.
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    It also delved into the challenges such as the latest state test results, how more than half of community college freshmen need remediation and how more than one in five Florida kids live in poverty.

    “They need to stop the evaluation on teachers and spending so many millions on the evaluations and passing all these laws and tying student performances to teacher salaries. They need to put the money in the classrooms,” said Sara Cuaresma, a biology teacher.

    Special education teacher Karla Mats also voiced her concern, “There are goals we set and they meet those goals. and then they get tested and they get this label that they are a c student even though they have worked hard all year to meet those goals.”

    Half of High Schoolers Fail FCAT Reading Test

    [MI] Half of High Schoolers Fail FCAT Reading Test
    Nearly half of Florida high schoolers failed the reading portion of the state's tougher new FCAT test this year statewide, and the numbers were similar in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho discusses his district's results.
    (Published Friday, May 18, 2012)

    She continued, “And now you're labeling a community too because you're pretty much telling that community that they are a C school, a C community and that affects even real estate prices, businesses in the area. So I really think it's detrimental to label.”