South Florida Video Game Company Rolls Out "Super Kid Cannon" - NBC 6 South Florida

South Florida Video Game Company Rolls Out "Super Kid Cannon"

A South Florida video game company is unveiling a new app.



    Local Company Rolls Out New App

    South Florida video game company is ready to unveil a new app. NBC 6's Justin Finch reports. (Published Wednesday, April 2, 2014)

    Soon, the world will get to know a South Florida hometown hero named "Super Kid Cannon."

    He's a red panda who needs your fingertips, and smartphone or tablet, to fight his archenemy, Khan, and save his love interest, Justine.

    It's a story arc inspired by Mother Nature said, George Francis of Brickell-based video game company, SkyJoy, which brought Super Kid Cannon to life.

    "What better antagonist for us to have in the game than a red panda's natural predator, which is a snow leopard," Francis explained. "And, you know, in typical Miami style, he's very well built."

    That local inspiration comes from a team of about 12 at SkyJoy, where many are locals themselves.

    SkyJoy's President and CEO, Aboudi Taher is a University of Miami alum, and his staff hails from local colleges and universities too, including FIU.

    Taher knows that California's Silicon Valley is the nation's tech capital for now, but he wants to see South Florida, and its talent, compete for the future.

    "What we want to do is actually lure the talent here and keep the talent that's within the talent pool in Florida," Taher said.

    SkyJoy counts at least two other game makers in South Florida, and they hope to soon count more.

    "I think it's great because it shows a lot of potential for what South Florida can be, and that we're not just a party area," said game producer Amanda Drewniak.

    SkyJoy has been working to roll out "Super Kid Cannon" for the past 2 years and made the finishing touches in just the past 8 months.

    By mid-April, the company plans to offer the game for free on Apple and most Android devices, as well as offer in-app purchases to change up the game experience.

    With that money, SkyJoy said it plans to help people in third-world nations improve their lives, with what it believes is a first-of-its-kind venture for the gaming industry.