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State Department Picks Local Band for Cultural Exchange Program



    NBC 6's Jamie Guirola has the details of a local band that's been tapped by the State Department to head overseas with a mission. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014)

    They’ve jammed outside of the AmericanAirlines Arena, but now, a local hip-hop band called “Dangerflow” has been handpicked by the U.S. Department of State to take their beats to a new audience abroad.

    Eric Stinnett, a musician with Dangerflow, said, “The opportunity is awesome man. We’ve been together seven years and were finally just making that next big event.”

    Dangerflow is one of just ten groups in the country selected out of hundreds to participate in the American Music Abroad program. It’s a cultural exchange opportunity put together by the State Department.

    “We're gonna bring some of our music to some people who have never heard it before,” Stinnett said. “So it’s really a dream come true. It’s definitely on my bucket list."

    Dangerflow was selected by the State Department for its diverse cultural heritage and its support of social causes that empower communities. The group’s mission is to reach young people and share positive messages about life and in the United States. The group’s destination is Pacific Asia.

    "Through languages, cultures, it doesn’t matter, you know, everyone loves music and that’s the reason why we’re going over there to share our musical gifts,” said Dangerflow musician Angel Ocean. “It’s all coming to fruition. All the seeds that we planted, all the blood, sweat, and tears and fears; they’re manifesting themselves into this amazing opportunity that we just have.”

    Ocean continued, “It’s very important because, you know, right now America may not be seen in the best light across the world. So what we’re doing is we’re doing our part and sharing that music. And, you know, music is universal, music bridges gaps.”

    Dangerflow leaves in September on the Cultural Diplomacy Tour. The tour, which will carry the sounds of South Florida to the world, is fully funded by the State Department at roughly $7,000 per person, plus travel and lodging.

    For more information about Dangerflow, click here. And for more information about the American Voices program, click here.

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