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Student Expecting Pizza Gets Beatdown Instead



    NBC 6's Jamie Guirola has the details on a student who ordered a pizza and was ready to pay cash. Instead of a pizza, he received a beatdown and was robbed. (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    Miami Police are investigating the robbery of a college student who was in his apartment and expecting a pizza.

    The big question police have is whether the attack near Biscayne Boulevard and 29th Street was random or the victim’s pizza order made a perfect recipe for some violent criminals.

    "I was gonna die. Possible. I don’t know,"Pablo Suescun said. "Once the door closed, I didn’t know if they were ever gonna leave."

    Suescun, 21, is a Miami Dade college student and said he just wanted a Hawaiian pizza. Instead, he wound up with a black, bruised and bloodied eye.

    "So I hear a knock on the door. I open up the door, assuming it's pizza, cash in hand. From the moment I open the door, all I felt was just a strike to the face. Got hit," Suescun said.

    In addition to the beating, Suescun was tased and then robbed of his money.

    "Three, maybe four guys came in, pushed me into my house... pushed me in this area just started beating me. Punching me in the face. As I’m right here on the floor, there’s just literally blood everywhere," he said.

    The thieves had to know where to go; they couldn't just get into the building. They actually had to know Suescun's apartment number to get buzzed in.

    "Usually I go down to the front door myself to see who it is, but this time I buzzed them up, because I assumed it was my pizza," he said.

    Moments before being attacked in his apartment Suescun says he told the pizza store just around the corner that he wanted to pay cash. Suescun said he asked the pizza store to send the driver with enough change for a $100 bill.

    But after being assaulted and ambushed, Suescun says he can't help but think about the suspicious timing.

    "They continued to beat me kind of had me like sitting up against this, that's why there's a little blood there, blood on the wall," Suescun said. "Then they just left, emptied my wallet, which was right here."

    The pizza did eventually arrive, just minutes after the attack. But Suescun didn’t get to keep it, because his money had just been stolen.

    Miami Police are investigating. They have vague descriptions of the suspects, who may have taken off in a white Chrysler.