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Miamians Like Doing It Anytime, Anywhere: Survey

Half of us have had sex on the beach -- and we're not talking cocktails



    Miamians Like Doing It Anytime, Anywhere: Survey

    Perhaps we should change our name to the Makin' Magic City.

    For Trojan's recent "Degrees of Pleasure" survey, the condom company posed the question: Are weather and sex related?

    We always knew there was a direct correlation between Miami's hot temps and zero-pants policy, and now we've got a very official, scientific study to prove it.

    According to the survey, not only do we report the most frequent sex (102 times on average per year compared to 82 nationally) and last the longest (35 minutes), but 27 percent of us have had sex in a hurricane, compared to 7 percent nationally, and more than half of us have had sex on the beach, as opposed to just 39 percent of the rest of America.

    Sure, that's most likely due to more exposure to menacing wind and rain and proximity to an ocean as opposed to, say, North Dakota, but we're just happy to have something to brag about other than our violent drivers and blobby fatties.

    Miami was also in the top three (behind Denver and New York) for doing the nasty regardless of what the thermometer reads, and in the top three for knockin' boots outside in the rain (behind Houston and Denver). 

    Okay, Denver, your free-love hippies may have placed you at the top of the lust list this time, but just know that now it's on like Donkey Kong.

    We've got mojitos - and we're not afraid to use them.