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Temple Offers $1,000 for Stolen Dollar Bill

Sacred dollar bill stolen from synagogue



    Temple Offers $1,000 for Stolen Dollar Bill
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    A picture might be worth a thousand words, but when did a dollar bill become the equivalent of $1,000?

    That's the reward being offered by a South Florida synagogue who had their collection box stolen this week, according to WPTV.com.

    The Chabad House in North Palm Beach is offering the very generous reward because inside the collection box was a special dollar bill signed by the late New York Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1987.

    Schneerson helped pioneer the creation of the Chabad Houses.

    Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui said the dollar bill was taped inside the collection box and contained a Hebrew blessing that has helped the temple thrive in hard times.

    "It was a dollar that had a very special blessing on it for me and for our operation," Rabbi Ezagui told WPTV. "This is something that cannot be replaced."

    Surveillance cameras caught the robbery but police have not been able to identify the suspect, who broke in and stole several charity boxes and a cash register.

    But Ezagui said he is only concerned with the safe return of the sacred dollar bill.