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The Diet Detective Lurks

The Diet Detective is looking to bust a few guts on South Beach for the entire nation to see in his new reality TV show



    The Diet Detective Lurks
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    The Diet Detective is looking to bust a few guts in Miami.

    They call Charles Platkin the Diet Detective and with good reason.

    The local fitness and nutrition fanatic has parlayed his love for healthy living into a reality TV show and he plans to expose all of you bad eaters in Miami (sinister music and laughter ensues).

    Actually, Platkin is a fairly nice guy who just wants you to live longer.

    So when he jumps out of the bushes and snatches that slice of pizza with extra everything on it out of your mouth, he’s doing it with love.

    “It’s not me being the food police for them. It’s me helping them help themselves,” Platkin said of the eight people he chose for his pilot season. “It’s to help them look inside so they can change the outside.”

    The subtly titled “I Want to Save Your Life” is kind of a hybrid of hit weight-loss reality TV show "The Biggest Loser" and "CSI Miami." Platkin does some snooping to find out all his client’s dirty little eating habits like where the emergency snacks are hidden or what time of day the person gets that annoying Taco Bell itch.

    And when the person least expects it – BAM! Platkin pops up with a celery stick and a game plan.

    “When I have enough clues, that’s when I intervene” he said. “Typically, it’s a bad food moment.”

    Platkin moves into his chosen targets life for a week and tries to whip them into shape. He helped one guy lose over 100 pounds in six months.

    The show airs on We TV. But you might not have to watch a TV to catch the Diet Detective in action. Just check your bushes.