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Third Murder Trial Underway For Alleged Killer

Seth Penalver, 39, is accused of killing three people in a Miramar home in 1994



    Third Murder Trial Underway For Alleged Killer

    Seth Penalver is again being tried for a Miramar triple murder. Barbara Jones, the mother of Sharon Anderson, who was killed in 1994, and Anderson's relatives Deborah Bowie and Alexis Sharon Vance spoke about the new trial. (Published Tuesday, July 31, 2012)

    After a hung jury and an overturned conviction, opening statements began Monday for the third time in the Miramar triple murder trial of Seth Penalver.

    The 39-year-old is accused of killing Casimir Sucharski, Marie Rogers, and Sharon Anderson in 1994. The crime was caught on surveillance video from Sucharski's home.

    Anderson’s mother, Barbara Jones, told NBC 6 she will have to relive the crime again.

    "You're bringing back my daughter all over again," she said. "You have to try to remove your soul because if you don't, you're going to wind up in the loony toon bin."

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    Jones said that although she doesn’t want to, she is ready to face the trial for the third time.

    "It's been a long, hard road," Jones said. "The minute you feel like OK, we got him, he's away, he can't do any harm, and then the appeals court just overturns the case and here we are again."

    Pablo Ibar is on death row for his alleged involvement in the crime, but Penalver's fate has been different.

    His first trial ended with a hung jury after seven months. His second trial ended with a guilty verdict after six months, which was overturned by a judge in 2006 who ruled that Penalver could not be positively identified on the surveillance tape.

    "For us, it's never over with because here we are 18 years later still in court," Anderson's sister Deborah Bowie said.

    Bowie gave birth to a girl just three days after the murder. Her daughter, Anderson’s niece, was in court Monday.

    "I hear I look like her, I act like her, I have her personality," Alexis Sharon Vance said. "It's weird having a connection with someone you've never met."

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    Bowie said that even a guilty verdict would not bring her sister back.

    "It may be over for this defendant one day, but it'll never be over for our family," Bowie said. "That loss is permanent."

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