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Two Arrested in Best Buy Burglary: Cops

Burglars allegedly nabbed $50K in electronics, believed to be part of crime gang, police said



    Two Arrested in Best Buy Burglary: Cops

    A robbery gone wrong at a Daytona Beach Best Buy store may have uncovered a crime ring spanning from Connecticut to Miami, according to police.

    “We caught one guy just out of the car,” said Detective John Creamer of the Daytona Beach Police Department. “The second person we caught after a short K-9 track.”

    Daytona Police arrested two men - David Daniels and Gregory Smith - after the Thursday burglary.

    Daniels, 32, and Smith, 23, are believed to be part of an organized crime gang responsible for robbing electronic stores along the east coast.

    “They come up, they do surveillance of the store, they know their hours of operation, they know when deliveries are there,” explained Creamer.

    Authorities said surveillance video captured the robbery in progress just after 5 a.m. Thursday. It shows 10 people dressed in black bursting through the store’s back doors and fanning out across the sales floor.

    The burglars are said to have nabbed nearly $50,000 in iPads, iPods and other Apple gear.

    They almost made off with 20 iPads; however, burglars weren’t aware that they set off an alarm, alerting Daytona Police to the store.

    Daniels and Smith face a slew of charges, including grand theft, loitering, prowling, burglary and grand theft auto.