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Two Workers Shocked in SW Miami-Dade Home



    Two Workers Shocked in SW Miami-Dade Home

    Two workers are recovering after being electrocuted while working on a home in SW Miami-Dade.

    Neighbors said the men were working on a home at SW 145th Ave. and 112th St. about 4 o'clock Monday afternoon when a loading truck's crane struck nearby power lines on SW 145th.

    The truck belongs to a roofing company called Miami Tile Deliveries. The truck's owner, Hilario Cruz, said after the driver realized he hit the lines, he repositioned; but, it was too late.

    One worker reportedly was standing on the truck's payload before he was shocked; the other, working nearby, electrocuted too.

    The electricity had coursed through the truck and ground, and neighbor Marlene Santovenia saw the aftermath from across the street.

    "The [driver] who was there, all he could tell me was, 'I hit the power line, the power line, the power line.' And I was like, 'are you okay? Were you, you know?' And he was like, 'no, no, I'm fine, call 911,'" Santovenia said.

    Miami Fire Rescue paramedics quickly came to the mens' aide. They found one worker was unresponsive with arm burns, and the second worker who suffered less-severe injuries.

    Townsend and his team quickly began CPR on the worse-off worker, and were able to revive him enroute to Kendall Regional Medical Center.

    "We gave them a chance," said Townsend, once he found out the man's condition improved. "That chance that we're able to give another person helps us to continue.

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