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Village People Have Christmas Sickness

South Florida family just one of many going overboard on holiday displays



    Jerry and Nancy Fernon display their large collection of porcelain christmas villages in their living room in Coral Springs. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010)

    It's always Christmas for one family in Coral Springs.

    All year round, Jerry and Nancy Fernon display their large collection of porcelain Christmas villages in their living room. They have hundreds of them.

    "It's a disease," Jerry said with a smile.

    But they aren't the only ones afflicted. The Fernon's are part of a collector's club, with 100 other South Floridians who are just as dedicated as they are.

    "That's the nice thing about the club, those people know exactly why I do it," said Fernon. "They have the same sickness as I do."

    They call themselves the Village Landlords.

    "There's another club called the Village Idiots," laughed Fernon. "I like that name. We all are idiots about it I think"

    Jerry started collecting the villages (made by the company Department 56) 20 years ago. And besides all the ones he purchased, he's also built a winter wonderland. Jerry's biggest village has a moving ski lift, a sledding slope and a trolley.

    He can't even begin to count the amount of time and money he's poured into this obsession.

    "I could have bought a nice car!" he exclaimed.

    The Fernon's view their villages like their own children. Seriously, they can't even pick their favorite!

    "It's difficult, it really is," said Nancy.

    "That would be a difficult task," said Jerry. "We like them all."

    For more information on the Village Landlords, including how to become a member and their fundraising efforts, go to