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Voluma XC: Miami Dermatologist Introduces Longer Lasting Facial Filler

Dr. Lesie Baumann was part of the clinical trials and will be training doctors on how to use Voluma XC



    Miami dermatologist Lesie Baumann injects Voluma XC into Suan Schaeffer. She went to get the new injectable facial filler gel that lasts longer. Diana Gonzalez reports. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013)

    Susan Schaeffer lost 30 pounds over the last couple of years and doesn't like the effect it's had on her face.

    "I mean I like the idea of having a thin face but not so thin that I look 20 years older," said Schaeffer.

    She went to Dr. Lesie Baumann's practice to get a brand new injectable facial filling gel that lasts longer.

    "The fact that it's going to last for two years and that it will fill in all the areas that I used to have to make me look younger that will just be there for a longer time," said Schaeffer.

    Voluma XC isn't for fine lines, it's for the cheek area where she had furrows.

    "Voluma is the only hyaluronic acid filler approved for use in the mid-face, so doctors will be educated on how to do that," Baumann said.

    She was one of the investigators for the clinical trials and will be training doctors how to use the new filler which is injected deep into the skin. Then Baumann smoothes and moves it around to get the desired subtle effect.

    "It's my hope that doctors will use their artistic skill and make people look good with this and not overfill people because the goal is not ot make people look big and fake and bloated," said the Miami dermatologist.

    While the cost is not being released by the manufacturer, some published reports estimate about $800 to $1,000 dollar per syringe. Schaeffer needed five for a procedure that took less than 30 minutes.

    "I see that I have no big wrinkles and before this was really, really indented and now it's filled in so much that I hope I look 25 years younger," said Schaeffer.

    Even though Voluma XC was FDA approved Oct. 23 it's not going to be widely available to patients until December.