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Ways to Avoid Robocalls And Text Spammers



    Robocall And Spam Text Messages

    NBC 6's Alina Machado reports.

    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018)

    Whether it’s a home phone or smartphone, chances are robocallers have your number. If you answer, there's someone on the line trying to sell you a timeshare or claiming to be the IRS.

    “You pick up the phone, you say hello and there’s a long pause,” Mark Burgess, a San Diego IT Director said, “that’s a robocall.”

    Unfortunately, nothing will stop robocalls all together so that’s why you need to lead the fight. How can you stop robocalls?

    Here are some suggestions:

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     • Join the “Do Not Call” registry

    Burgess said the “Do Not Call” registry has made a difference with businesses that follow the rules but for those who break them, you have to try the other tactics below. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the “Do Not Call” registry, hang up. The registry will never call you. To sign up for the “Do Not Call” registry, click here.

    • Monitor and Ignore Calls

    “If you answer a true robocall, you have just acknowledged that you’re a real human being and you’re going to get more calls,” Burgess said.

    Don’t answer if you’re not familiar with the phone number. Screen the call by letting it go to voicemail if you don’t know who it is. If the caller is a robocall, block the number.

    • Block Text Spammers

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    If you are registered with the “Do Not Call” registry, you can forward spam texts to 7726 free of charge.

    • Pay for a Service

    Technology is fighting back against robocalls but there’s often a charge for the service.

    “There are services that will offer to block the call for you if you register your phone through them,” Burgess said. To read more about some paid services out there, click here.

    • If all else fails, complain

    Write down the phone number you received the robocall from and file a complaint with the FTC. You can file a complaint by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or file online by clicking here.

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    For more information on what consumers can do to fight against robocalls, click here.

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