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Woman Burned at Gas Station Speaks

Naomie Breton says she would not have been burned if a judge had granted her a restraining order



    Woman Set on Fire Speaks

    Naomie Brenton, who sustained burns to 12 percent of her body, speaks out about her ordeal. (Published Friday, June 15, 2012)

    The woman set aflame by her son’s father in a Boynton Beach gas station is speaking out about the incident.

    Naomie Brenton, who sustained burns to 12 percent of her body, told the Palm Beach Post the situation could have been prevented if a judge would have granted her a restraining order against her boyfriend.

    “I don’t think I would be in this situation right now,” Breton, 34, told the Post in a phone interview. “They said there wasn’t enough physical evidence.”

    Her boyfriend, Roosevelt Mondesir, 52, is facing charges of attempted murder in the first degree, after drenching Brenton in gasoline, lighting her on fire and chasing her with a long knife, officials said.

    "He started just dousing it over the car at me," she said. "That's when I called 911. That's when I started running, and he was just pouring the gas on me, pouring the gas on me."

    Watch a video of the incident. Warning - Graphic Video.

    Brenton recounted the dramatic moments before the fiery attack to the Post. She said Mondesir did not bring their son to the 7-Eleven gas station Monday as they had planned and as she tried to leave, Mondesir poured a gallon of gas on her body. She said she bolted inside the gas station, trying to shut the door on her attacker but her purse, caught in the door, kept the door ajar, allowing Mondesir to force it open and light her body on fire.

    “I was trying to keep myself alive for my children,” Breton said. “I remember everything.”

    During her 911 call released this week by authorities, Brenton told police, “He set me on fire! OK! On fire!”

    She continues, “Hurry up! Please, please, please. I’m burned.”

    Two weeks ago Brenton, a mother of three, had asked for a protective order to keep Mondesir away from her, saying that he was a threat. She wrote that Mondesir cut up furniture and threw all her belongings around the house, and threatened to hurt her and put her out of their home, Palm Beach County court records said.

    "Police have been called to the house on many times. On March 26 he hit me and I hit him back and was arrested," she wrote.

    She also said that she left and got her own place, but was threatened daily after that through text and voicemail messages.

    But family court Judge Thomas Barkdull denied the woman’s request just an hour after she presented it, saying there was insufficient evidence for the protective order, court records said.

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