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Woman Gets Dozens of Calls From Online Ad Full of Wrong Information



    Wrong Info on Groupon Ad

    NBC 6 Reporter Sasha Jones tells you how to make sure you're getting the deal you're supposed to on Groupon.

    (Published Thursday, May 31, 2018)

    Lisa Magee had no idea why she was receiving so many random phone calls until someone told her that her number was listed on a Groupon ad.

    She said she was getting calls from everywhere.

    “Puerto Rico, California, Indiana, Key West, Boca Raton, and that’s when I said, okay this needs to stop, ”said Lisa Magee.

    The callers were looking to book a 4-hour boat and Jet Ski excursion for $829.

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    But Magee told NBC 6 Responds she did not place the ad.

    “It’s not me, this isn’t me, I don’t own a business,” said Magee.

    She said she reached out to Groupon at the end of March. While exchanging emails with the company, the calls kept coming.

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    “You’re in the middle of doing things and the phone rings. You think it is an emergency, you look to see if it is your kids or your husband, but it’s a random number,” said Magee.

    That’s when she turned to NBC 6 Responds.

    When looking at the ad containing her phone number, we found it wasn’t the only piece of wrong information.

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    The address on it was for the Miami Outboard Club on Watson Island.

    The Manager said he did not place the ad either.

    “We have a lot of people who come in and say they have seen our address somewhere and they come in here for Jet Ski or for a whole lot of other things but nothing through us,” said Miami Outboard Club Manager Robert Alderegura. The Club even has posted a sign on the door telling people they don’t rent Jet Skis.

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    We also reached out to the owners of the company whose name is listed on the ad.

    The owner of Miami Jet Ski, LLC told us she did not place the Groupon ad either.

    In a statement she said she is, “outraged, considering Groupon should require merchants to show and verify proof of ownership, such as corporation paperwork, bank account, state ID, contact numbers/contact information, company website, etc.”

    The statement went on to say “Groupon should have specified requirements, and should thoroughly vet any companies who wish to be a merchant with Groupon. Groupon has allowed our number to be posted on other Groupon pages which were not ours, sending hundreds of phone calls and text messages for Groupon vouchers. “

    The ad with the wrong information has now been taken down.

    Groupon sent an email to Magee saying it “removed this deal” from its website. And apologized for “any inconvenience.”

    Groupon wouldn’t explain to us how an ad appeared with the wrong company name, number and address, but on the terms of sale on its website it reads “ Groupon does not investigate or vet Merchants” and “Groupon does not verify, validate, or collect evidence of any regulatory authorization, license or certification from any Merchant.”

    Groupon encourages you the consumer to “make whatever investigation you deem necessary” before purchasing.

    Lisa says despite the mix-up, she will continue to use Groupon.

    “Amazing deals, I’ve used it before, I have friends who use it,” says Magee.

    And she’s happy the phone calls have stopped.

    “No more phone calls, no more text messages, no more disappointing people that I am not the ad and I am not going to rent them a Jet Ski,” says Magee.

    Before making a purchase from an ad on Groupon you may want to verify the company you’re buying from posted the ad and has a business or professional license.

    You can also call the listed number and speak with them before making a purchase.