Woman Hid Drug-Filled Straws in Her Vagina: Police - NBC 6 South Florida

Woman Hid Drug-Filled Straws in Her Vagina: Police

Police noticed woman uncontrollably squirming in her seat during a traffic stop



    Woman Hid Drug-Filled Straws in Her Vagina: Police

    Drug smugglers will hide their illegal cargo anywhere to get past the cops.

    A woman traveling from Miami to Tennessee was arrested Wednesday for having straws filled with drugs tucked in her vagina, reports NBC 2 news in Charlotte County.

    Kelly Mowery was riding in a van with four others on what police claim was a trip to smuggle prescription drugs from Florida back into Tennessee. The group was parked at a pharmacy waiting for it to open when cops approached to ask some questions.

    That's when they noticed Mowery squirming in her seat. She had good reason. Straws can be pretty uncomfortable.

    A search of the woman's purse turned up several straws with crushed up drugs in them. When they asked if she had anything else illegal, Mowery confessed she had a couple of other drug-filled straws tucked in a much more private hiding spot.

    The straws were five-inches long. The crushed up drug was later determined to be an opiate, likely derived from the Oxycontin pills the group had picked up in Miami.

    Mowery was released on $1,000 bond and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.