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Woman Needed Her ‘Lifeline to the Outside World’ Fixed



    Woman Needed Her 'Lifeline to the Outside World' Fixed

    A South Florida woman had trouble getting her landline repaired. NBC 6 Responds helped her get results.

    (Published Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019)

    For Nancy Streno, the sound of her home phone ringing gives her peace of mind.

    “It’s my lifeline to the outside world,” she said.

    Streno’s landline offers her a way to stay connected with her family. So when her phone suddenly stopped working in October, she didn’t realize there was a problem until she got an unexpected visit from her kids.

    “They came to the door to see if I was alive or lying on the floor,” she told NBC 6 Responds.

    Streno called AT&T to report the problem and said several technicians came out to her home to check it out, the last one told her they had found the source of her silence.

    “They said there was a line corroded,” she said. “It was underground and it had to be dug up and replaced.”

    Days turned into weeks, she said, and her questions about when the repair would be made went unanswered.

    “I was angry about it because I felt I was getting the brush off,” she said. “I was on the verge of breaking down and buying one of those iPhones, which I didn’t want to do, and I had seen one of your NBC 6 Responds on TV and I said I think I’ll give them a shot.”

    Streno shared her story with NBC 6 Responds, along with details needed to help her get her house phones up and running again.

    “They fixed it,” she said. “I mean, within 24 hours of hearing from you, which is what I found miraculous.”

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    In a statement, AT&T confirmed they had “…restored service to this customer and apologized for any inconvenience.”

    Streno said she learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

    “I’ve learned that if I have a similar problem, guess who I’m going to call,” she said.

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