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Woman Struggles to Get Refund After Concert Canceled



    Woman Turns to NBC 6 After Concert Refund Delay

    A woman turned to NBC 6 after a requested ticket refund for a canceled concert delayed for months. Consumer Investigator Alina Machado reports.

    (Published Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018)

    Debra Diaz is a huge fan of Bonnie Raitt.

    “I just love her music,” the local music lover and nurse said.

    So it’s no surprise when she heard Raitt was joining James Taylor for a concert at the BB&T Center in May, she was ready to shell out big bucks through Ticketmaster online.

    “680 bucks for two tickets for me and my sister,” said Diaz.

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    A few days before the concert, Diaz received an email from Ticketmaster announcing that Raitt had to cancel her appearance “due to an unexpected medical situation that requires immediate attention…”

    The same email said consumers could request a refund by providing their purchase information and that the money should post to their account in 7 to 10 business days.

    Diaz told NBC 6 she sent requested the refund and expected an easy refund process. After a few months passed, Diaz said she had not yet received her money. So she called NBC 6 Responds for help.

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    “I actually had a lot of faith in NBC 6 Responds because I kept seeing everybody that contacted you got a response,” Diaz said. “I took it on faith that you guys were going to make it happen.”

    After we contacted Ticketmaster, we got an email thanking NBC 6 Responds for “flagging” Diaz’s situation, adding that they had “resolved this directly with the fan.”

    “Less than 24-hour turnaround from [when] NBC 6 Responds got involved, I got my refund processed,” Diaz said.

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    And she already has plans for the money.

    “I’m going to see another concert,” Diaz said.

    If you are experiencing a similar delay with a canceled concert refund for tickets purchased through Ticketmaster, click here to reach Fan Support.

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