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Woman Sues After Chase Declares Her Dead

Bank's mistake leads to financial troubles for Florida woman



    Woman Sues After Chase Declares Her Dead
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    A central Florida woman says she having numerous financial troubles because of a bank error. Chase Bank USA declared her dead last November.

    Wrenella Pierre has filed a lawsuit and Chase officials said Monday they're investigating how the mistake happened.

    When Pierre and her husband, Curtis, built their Oviedo home in 2007, they got two mortgages through Chase.

    According to the lawsuit, the bank notified credit-reporting agencies last year that Pierre had died. They sent a letter of condolence to the family, saying someone from the bank would be in touch about the mortgage balance.

    Pierre says she notified bank officials that she was alive and followed up by going to a local branch to correct the mistake.

    A month later, the lawsuit alleges, credit agencies still reported her dead.