A Fairy Tall Tale

A Miami woman was arrested for selling customers a bill of goods on Disney World vacations packages to no where

Everybody loves a discount on a vacation, especially to Disney World.

We'd suggest whatever you do, stay away from deals from Nancy Alvarez.

The Miami woman can't seem to stop selling vacation packages that she doesn't have. For the second time, Alvarez was popped by police for promising people deep discounts on tickets and hotels and not delivering.

This time she took her act to Craigslist.com under the name "A Fairy Tale Event" and bilked customers out of about $8,000. In 2008, she scammed clients out of $13,000.

Alvarez, 21, is charged with five counts of grand theft and currently sits in Miami-Dade jail cell, allowing her to live in a small world after all.

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