Aaron Davidson, Miami Soccer Executive, Arrested by FBI in FIFA Corruption Probe

A Miami man known around the world for his ties to soccer organized bribes and kickbacks from his office on Brickell Key, authorities said.

Aaron Davidson was arrested by the FBI in Miami early Wednesday as part of a federal corruption bust that targeted nine high-ranking soccer officials and five corporate executives.

If was unknown if Davidson has an attorney.

Davidson is the chairman of the board of the North American Soccer League and his company used to own the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. He's currently president of Traffic Sports USA, on Brickell Key.

In the 166-page indictment, prosecutors paint a picture of a man who used his power to "pay bribes to soccer officials in order to win business."

Davidson, along with others, "corrupted the enterprise by engaging in various criminal activities including fraud, bribery and money laundering," the indictment said.

Records showed Traffic Sports USA's parent company transferred millions of dollars from banks in Miami to off-shore accounts to secure the world's largest and most profitable games.

Prosecutors allege Davidson worked to "prevent detection" of his alleged illegal activities and when an investigation began three years ago, he warned others about "the possibility that they would be recorded making admissions of their crimes."

Davidson has to face a judge in Miami before getting transferred to New York. If convicted he could face up to 20 years behind bars.

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