Accused Son Admits Parents “Deserved to Pay”

Testimony continues in murder plot against Sutton's parents

The Coral Gables man accused of ordering a hit on his wealthy parents told a Miami-Dade jury that his mom and dad deserved to pay for sending him to a strict boarding school just months before the attack.

Christopher Sutton, facing questions from prosecutors, admitted he told his former fiance that he would get revenge for what his parents did to him. Prosecutors claim that revenge would come in the form of a hit ordered on John and Susan Sutton as they lay asleep in bed.

In 2003, the parents sent their son to a school in Samoa designed for troubled teens against his will.  Prosecutors say Christopher Sutton never got over his anger and in August 2004, he had his friend Garret Kopp shoot both his parents.

Susan Sutton died after being shot six times. John Sutton survived the attack but is permanently blind after being shot in the face.

"Didn't you repeatedly tell Julia Driscol that your parents deserved to pay for taking those years from your life?" asked prosecutor Carin Kahgan.

"Yes," replied Sutton.

It was Sutton's second day of testimony. On Friday, he cried while being questioned about his troubled teen years when he was sent away.

Defense attorneys allege Kopp was a drug addict who wanted to rob the Suttons, but ended up having to shoot them after being surprised they were in the house.

Kopp has already been sentenced to 30 years for the shooting, but avoided the death penalty in exchange for his testimony against his former friend.

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