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Accuser Disappears in Hollywood Police Battery Trial

Raymond Schachner Jr. failed to show up in court for his cross-examination in the battery trial of a Hollywood Police officer.

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A Hollywood police officer – who is looking at up to a year in jail for a rough arrest in 2019 – almost got to cross-examine his accuser in a Broward County courtroom Tuesday, but the alleged victim failed to show.

Raymond Schachner Jr. testified against suspended officer Matthew Barbieri on Friday and was expected to be questioned by defense attorneys, but he has disappeared and the prosecutor said she didn’t know where he was.

Broward assistant state attorney Lindsay Carrier indicated potentially sensitive information might come out during Schachner’s testimony that should not be made public, but she eventually dropped her motion to have the news media removed from the courtroom.

With Schachner unavailable for cross-examination, Carrier was allowed to call her next witnesses.

Defense attorney David Bogenschutz objected and called for a mistrial.

Broward Circuit Judge Kenneth Gottlieb denied the mistrial request.

Three Hollywood police officers and one retired police lieutenant who were at the scene of the arrest three years ago, testified next.

Barbieri is on trial for a misdemeanor battery for slapping and grabbing Schachner by the throat during the arrest.

It was recorded on security camera video in Schachner’s home.

His father had called 911 saying Schachner was high on heroin and was acting erratically, according to court documents.

When police arrived, the video showed Schachner was naked, yelling and struggling when handcuffed behind his back.

He repeatedly protested the police search for drugs in the house without a warrant.

In the aftermath of Schachner’s arrest, Barbieri was put on administrative leave, his attorney said.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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