Officers Open Fire After Vehicle Breaches Mar-a-Lago Security Checkpoint: PBSO

The sheriff of Palm Beach said the vehicle was driving erratically and putting the public's well-being in danger

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Police are investigating an incident near the Mar-a-Lago resort of President Donald Trump in which a vehicle allegedly breached security checkpoints, forcing officers to open fire.

At a press conference, the sheriff of Palm Beach County Rick Bradshaw explained that the incident began when an officer from Florida Highway patrol was notified of a white female acting "irrationally," standing on her car doing "some kind of dance." She was later identified to be an opera singer from Connecticut.

When the officer drove up to her, she allegedly got back in her car and refused to roll her window down to speak with him and eventually began to put her vehicle in reverse. The officer smashed her window in to attempt to grab the steering wheel, but the woman drove off, according to Bradshaw.

FHP began to chase the black SUV, but they repeatedly lost it in traffic. The woman eventually went south on Ocean Drive towards Mar-A-Lago, where Bradshaw said she approached the area and crashed through the first checkpoint.

When she crashed through the second checkpoint, she almost hit some deputies and secret service agents who moved out of the way just in time, Bradshaw said.

"Since she'd breached two checkpoints, and it was unknown due to her erratic driving how many lives she was going to put in danger or whether she was trying to hit pedestrians," officers opened fire on the vehicle.

It continued to flee the scene until it was located by a helicopter. In addition to the woman, another person was inside the SUV. Both were taken into custody, and officers have not released their identities at this time.

The FBI, secret service and the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office have opened a joint investigation into the case.

President Trump is scheduled to arrive at Palm Beach International Airport on Friday evening for a weekend visit. Even if the president had been present during the incident, Bradshaw assured that there are "lots of layers" of security before actually entering Mar-A-Lago.

"[The checkpoints she crashed through] are located on public roadways and are part of secret service's outter perimeter," Bradshaw said. "They are not located on the Mar-A-Lago property."

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