Adrienne Arsht Center Helps Give Students Elaborate Lesson in Greek Mythology

A group of South Florida 5th grade students received an elaborate lesson in Greek Mythology, as part of a district-wide initiative to expose students to the arts.

From ancient Greece to Downtown Miami, thousands of students went to the Adrienne Arsht Center to see "Rock Odyssey."

"This is where we bring every single 5th grader in Miami-Dade. Over 21,000 students to see, to watch a fantastic performance. 'Rock Odyssey,' a comedic take on Homer's Odyssey. It is fun. It is enlightening. It's educational and kids absolutely have a blast," said MDCPS Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

The students left their classrooms and went straight to the heights of Mount Olympus. The original Rock 'n Roll musical transforms the epic work of Homer's Odyssey into a learning experience through live theater and the arts.

"I think it's good for my education because it shows us and we can learn from it and not just by teachers but other people too," said Fraijan Texidor, student.

"It's a cool experience because it has a lot of acting and music, and I really like music and acting," said Sabrina Valdivia, student.

This is the show's 7th season and it's part of the Arsht Center's Learning Through the Arts Education Initiative, which is in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

"Not only do the students get to come to the Arsht Center for free, which includes free transportation provided by the Arsht Center, but also we do professional development sessions for 5th grade teachers to teach them how to use the production, the show to teach math, geography, mythology, language arts and of course, the arts," said Jairo Ontiveros, Director for Communication and Community Engagement at the center.

The kids had a blast rocking out and learning about Greek Mythology, and they wanted to say one last thing after seeing the show: "Thank you, Arsht Center."

The kids were not only grateful, but they also learned a lot, and best of all, it was all free.

The performances run until May 13.

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