Aerial Mosquito Spraying Set for Thursday in Miami-Dade County Cancelled Due to Weather

Miami-Dade County cancelled aerial spraying for mosquitoes scheduled for Thursday night due to bad weather. Operations will resume Friday, weather permitting, the Department of Solid Waste Management's Mosquito Control and Habitat Management Division said.

The spraying will target areas where the number of mosquitoes has greatly increased. Those areas include Homestead, Florida City, The Redland, West Kendall, parts of Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, South Miami Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Miami. Officials said the complaints from residents about mosquitoes has also increased.

“Spraying under high wind and/or rainy conditions kills very few mosquitoes and will cause the insecticide to drift from the targeted areas,” said Surveillance Manager Chalmers Vasquez. “We want to ensure that the aerial treatment is a success and having the right weather conditions is necessary.”

Miami-Dade County will use the pesticide Dibrom, which is also known as naled, in the mosquito control flight.

Officials warn anyone with known allergies to the pesticide to remain indoors during the spraying. Beekeepers in the area are also being asked to keep their bees covered at during the spray mission.

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