Aerial Spray Mission Completed for Miami-Dade Mosquito Control

An aircraft took off Saturday morning from Miami Executive Airport in order to complete an aerial spraying over the Zika Zone in the hopes that it will help stop the spread of the virus.

An aircraft carrying larvicide flying over Miami in an effort to help reduce the number of mosquitoes that could transmit the Zika virus.

"We are going to use it to kill mosquito larvae before the get a chance to become adults and start biting our residents," said Frank Calderon, Miami-Dade County Public Works & Waste Management.

Crews working to prepare the plane Saturday morning.The mosquito larva control flight traveled over a two square miles area targeting the Zika affected areas in Wynwood, which is where at least 15 people have contracted the virus.

"The larvicide is very targeted and very specific and only affects mosquito larvae and is safe to use around all kinds of animals," said Calderon.

Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management department overseas mosquito control in the county and they say what they are spraying is safe and different than what was used on Thursday morning's aerial spraying

Calderon added that the product of pesticide that was used to target adult mosquitoes used earlier this week, very specifically targets mosquito larvae.

This aerial spraying hopes to reduce the numbers of mosquitoes within the Zika Zone that could further harm others. It is advised that if you have known allergic reactions that you stay in doors

Another flight targeting adult mosquitoes is expected to take off tomorrow morning all weather permitting.

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