Aerial Spraying for Zika Virus Still Scheduled for Miami Beach This Saturday Morning

Residents and those who work in part of the Zika transmission zone on Miami Beach are being advised that another round of aerial spraying to combat the virus is still scheduled to take place this weekend.

Planes will take to the sky Saturday morning and spray a one and a half square mile area between 8th Street and 28th Street, spanning the entire width of the island. Weather permitting, the spraying will go for 30 minutes and start at 6 a.m.

Recently, the transmission zone was expanded in the city, but the new areas will not require the aerial assault. The spraying continues to ignite debate and protest over the use of Naled to fight the spread.

The expansion of the zone comes at the same time as the Wynwood section, located north of Downtown Miami and the first city to deal with Zika in the area, has been declared to be safe from the virus – a declaration made earlier in the week by state and local officials and later confirmed by the CDC following their decision to remove a travel advisory for the area.

Florida Department of Health officials announced one new non-travel Zika case in Miami Beach Wednesday. The total non-travel related infesctions in the state are at 89.

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