A Wedding for the Ages

A 93- and 89-year-old were married on Sunday, proving that age ain't nothing but a number

You're never too old to get married, and at nearly a century old a piece, Ebenezer Rose and Monica Hayden proved it over the weekend.

The two Palm Beach sweethearts got married Sunday in a wedding for the ages, literally. Rose is 93 and Hayden is 89. The couple said they decided to get married after a brief courtship. The wedding was a simple solution in Rose's eyes.

He told Hayden that "each of us is living a lonely life. Why not get married?" So the two took the plunge even if "til death do us part" seems to be around the corner.

The couple first met in church about 20 years ago, but at the time each was married. Rose's first wife died about four years after 58 years of marriage. Hayden is twice-widowed, most recently when her husband died about six months ago.

When you think about it, getting married when you're near 100 isn't the worst idea in the world. By then, you should have all the knowledge in the world not to screw it up.

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