Florida Police Capture Runaway Pig After Wild Hour-Long Chase

Pensacola Police Department

A runaway pig skirted past Florida authorities for about an hour Tuesday, sending officers into a tailspin as they tried to locate the animal.

At least five police officers, two animal control officers and two code enforcement officers were involved in the chase, which occurred at 7:15 a.m. just north of downtown Pensacola, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

The four-legged fugitive was eventually apprehended near a local law office at 8:15 a.m., officers said.

The Pensacola Police Department posted video of the black-and-white pig on Twitter, calling on their followers to help find the swine's owner.

"If you know who owns this guy, please contact us so we can get him home," the department said.

Officers told the News-Journal they were trying to keep the pig contained to avoid future problems.

"What we were trying to do is keep him north of Garden Street because if the pig ran out on to Garden Street, it could cause all sorts of problems," one officer told the paper. "Garden Street is a busy street, and if he ran out onto Garden, the pig could get hit. So we were trying to keep him north of Garden until Animal Patrol could get there."

The pig is currently with county animal control. The owner of the pig is asked to call 850-435-1901.

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