Meet “Solo,” Zoo Miami's Only Baby Flamingo

The now-teenager chick was introduced to the adult flock in the zoo's flamingo exhibit for the first time

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The first flamingo to hatch at Zoo Miami in over a decade has finally been introduced to the zoo's flamingo exhibit.

The young male, which Zoo Miami staff have affectionately named "Solo," hatched in late September. The egg had to be artificially incubated after being rejected by its parents, and the chick was hand-raised by animal science staff members.


In a video provided by Zoo Miami, "Solo" can be seen entering the flamingo exhibit pool, where it was introduced to the flock of adult birds for the first time.

"The goal is to continue to gradually introduce the juvenile to the exhibit and adult flock on a daily basis, where it spends a limited amount of time so that staff can see how it is adapting to the new environment and how accepting the flock is of the newcomer," Zoo Miami wrote in a press release.


Ultimately, the staff said they hope the chick will be able to remain with the flock permanently.

"The chick seems to be adjusting well and the hope is that he will be on exhibit full-time by the New Year!" the press release said.

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