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Zoo Miami Welcomes Baby Meerkats For First Time in Its History

The two pups were born on January 18th and opened their eyes last week

Zoo Miami

For the first time in the facility's history, two meerkats were born and are being successfully raised at Zoo Miami.

Their mother is an 8-year-old meerkat named Yam Yam who came to Zoo Miami from Busch Gardens in February of 2012. The father could be any one of three males who share the exhibit with Yam Yam, a set of 6-year-old brothers named Gizmo, Joe and Diego.

Since the babies were born on January 18th, Zoo Miami said Yam Yam and the brothers have been "working cooperatively to care for the newborns, which are born helpless and blind."

Photos: Zoo Miami Welcomes Baby Meerkats For First Time in Its History

"Zoo staff had a hands-off approach to allow the group to properly bond with the infants and created barriers in front of the public side of the exhibit to minimize any disturbances that may cause excess stress on the new family and lead to abandonment of the babies."

Last week, the babies finally opened their eyes and were observed exploring their habitat. A 'meerkat webcam' is available on Zoo Miami's website for those who want to try and catch a glimpse of the babies as get to know their den.

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