Turnpike Southbound Reopened in Miami-Dade, Sinkhole Repaired

Authorities have officially reopened all southbound lanes along the Turnpike just north of northwest 199th street following repairs to a sinkhole that formed Saturday.

Crews from Miami-Dade County and the Turnpike worked overnight to complete the emergency repairs.

Officials say the sinkhole was about two lanes wide.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, the sinkhole was caused by a water line break. The broken water pipe caused severe damage to the Turnpike roadway.

"Can you imagine a car doing 70 miles an hour running into this? I mean you're talking about severe damage and possibly even death," explains Joe Sanchez, Florida Highway Patrol.

After more than 12 hours of labor workers able to seal up the two massive sinkholes on the Turnpike.

Crews patched up the sinkholes Sunday morning with brand new asphalt that allowed drivers to get on their way.

"Something bad could of come out of this, but due to the action of the trooper and decision they made to close the road as quickly as possible no one was hurt," Sanchez said.

Check the NBC6 traffic map to stay updated.

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