Alleged Dispute With Female Led To Car Chase Through Miami Gardens, Eventual Arrest: Police

A dispute at a bus stop is what led to a chase through the streets of Miami Gardens and the arrest of a 24-year-old man behind the whole thing, according to the arrest report released Tuesday.

Police say that Antonio Jackson approached a woman at a bus stop near NW 191st Street and 27th Avenue. After she turned down his request to speak with her, Jackson allegedly went into his car and grabbed an item, which the victim believed was a gun.

She then got on a bus traveling south on 27th Avenue, which Jackson followed. The bus driver called Miami-Dade Transit dispatch, who notified police.

After cops arrived, Jackson fled along roads in the city before running into a police car at the intersection of NW 183rd Street and 5th Court. During questioning, he admitted to following the bus but denied speaking to the female victim.

Jackson faces four charges, including multiple counts of fleeing from police as well as driving with a suspended license. He was later released on bail.

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