Alleged Pembroke Pines Peeping Tom Makes Court Appearance

The Pembroke Pines man, accused of stalking women and then acting as a peeping tom, appeared before a judge Friday.

Police said Pelayo Alexander Cerulia violated more than a dozen women in at least 25 incidents. He was caught on cameras mounted by investigators after repeated reports by the same victims in the eastern part of Pembroke Pines.

The video shows a voyeur peeking into windows and creeping around. Police said he also pleasured himself.

On Friday, the judge ruled Cerulia must stay put at the Broward Jail, disturbed by the details in the arrest report.

Cerulia was allegedly often armed with a slingshot, a lead ball and glass marbles, and used them to shatter windows where his victims were sleeping. In one case, a woman said she struggled with him.

Cerulia faces more than a dozen charges including burglary, aggravated stalking and throwing a missile into a building. It's unclear whether he has hired an attorney.

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