Alleged Robbery Suspects Lead Police on Chase to Opa-locka

Three suspected armed robbers led police on a short pursuit to Opa-locka Wednesday, and then tried to make a run for it, according to authorities.

Police said the robbery happened in Hialeah and the suspects fled to Opa-locka, where they bailed out of their Buick along Northwest 22nd Avenue around 2 p.m.

Officers were able to catch up with at least one of them at the Chevron Gas Station.

Cellphone video shows a suspect down on the ground, surrounded by police officers, as he was being taken into custody. Minutes later, the same suspect was lying on the edge of the street being attended to by paramedics. He was eventually carted off in a stretcher and put into an ambulance.

Some witnesses said they believe officers were being unnecessarily rough.

"Two police officers picked him up and held him by his waistline, dragged him across the grass so that his legs and knees went across the grass onto the pavement and to the police vehicle. At the police vehicle, the police officers pushed the gentleman with force into the car itself," Adam Slosberg explained.

It appeared two of the three suspects were eventually taken in custody, and police were still searching for a third.

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