2 Hialeah Men Arrested for ‘Fishing’ Alligator: Cops

A judge told two Hialeah men they were free to go -- as long as they didn't 'accidentally' catch anymore alligators.

Two Hialeah men found themselves in front of a judge after they were caught trying to fish an alligator.

Anibal Delgado Reyes, 46, and Erial Hernandez Diaz, 37, were charged with trying to illegally hook an alligator while fishing at Everglades Holiday Park in Broward, according to the Sun Sentinel.

They were charged with violating a Florida wildlife law and held on misdemeanor charges.

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A Broward judge read their charges Wednesday and said men told authorities they had caught the gator by accident.

"Boy, that's some dumb luck," Broward Judge John Hurley said. "Just accidentally caught an alligator."

Hurley let them leave jail without having to pay bond, but not before setting some terms.

"Don't accidentally catch any alligators," Hurley said. "If you see an alligator, walk away from it. It may accidentally get in the back of your truck. You never know about those alligators."

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