Alligator Roaming Miami’s Little Havana Killed by Trapper

An alligator possibly up to 12 feet in length found roaming around Miami's Little Havana neighborhood was put down by a trapper on Friday.

A Miami Fire Rescue crew spotted the alligator at the intersection of Northwest 37th Avenue and 13th Street Friday night while en route to the station.

Initially, the crew believed they drove up to an unconscious person on the road.

"As they got closer, they found a 10 to 12 foot alligator," Miami Fire Rescue said in a statement. "The crew focused their attention on keeping the public away and preventing vehicles from hitting the alligator as it attempted to cross the street."

Miami fire and police personnel then followed the alligator into a residential backyard and waited for an alligator trapper dispatched by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"For safety reasons, the trapper put the gator down," the statement added.

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