American Airlines Working With TSA on New Technology to Allow Passengers to Get Through Security Lines Quicker

What to Know

  • Miami International Airport will be one of five in the country testing new technology in an effort to decrease wait time in security lines.

Coming off one of the biggest traveling weekends of the year, American Airlines is working with the TSA to test and introduce new technology with the goal of decreasing the time that passengers wait at screening areas.

The airline will debut this technology at four different airports in America, including Miami International Airport, this fall. Miami will be joined by Chicago’s O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles.

Some of the new technology will include returning bins to the front of the lines automatically, bins being 25 percent larger than before and the ability to move potential threats to a separate area to allow bags behind them to continue.

Officials estimate that the changes could reduce passenger wait time by as much as 30 percent.

The airline will also debut the use of CT technology for carry-on bags at Phoenix International Airport. The 3D technology used for checked bags could allow for items such as laptops, liquids or aerosols to be checked quicker in those bags. If the system works, the program could be expanded to other airports.

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