Andrea Bocelli Unexpectedly Sings in Miami Beach Church's Easter Mass

Andrea Bocelli asked to sing Panis Angelicus at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach.

Legendary Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli surprised the people at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach by singing at the Easter Sunday Mass.

"No one knew he was going to do that, some people may have not even recognized him until they heard his voice,” said Jennifer Sabin Ley-Soto, who regularly attends St. Patrick Catholic Church. “He apparently asked to sing a song during the communion, and it wasn’t planned. It was a surprise for everyone, including the choir."

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Bocelli sang "Panis Angelicus" in the crowded Miami Beach church and received a standing ovation, said Sabin Ley-Soto.

"It was just him with the organist, and you would just hear it resounding in the church," said Javier Ley-Soto, who encouraged his wife to record the performance. "It was a great Mass to begin with, but it was a wonderful treat to see Andrea Bocelli."

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The couple uploaded the video to YouTube, which has been viewed more than 35,000 times.

"Just listening to him sing was incredible, being that close to him, seeing how powerful his voice was," said Ley-Soto. "It was an occasion that no one was expecting."

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