“Angel” Spotted in South Florida Sky, Residents Say

Various photos were taken of a cloud that resembles an angel, WPTV reported

Several South Florida residents witnessed what they described as an angel in the clouds, WPTV reported.

Various pictures were taken of what looks like a clear sky, with a noticeable pink cloud that resembles an angel.

It happened the day Pope Francis was announced and some Catholics saw it as a possible sign from God.

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“The pope asked to pray for Him,” Cat Sunn told WPTV. “God answered.”

But others found numerous explanations as to what the cloud could be.

Cristina Pina told WPTV that the clouds looked more like a monkey than an angel, Nick Stanley said he saw the dark lord, or Lucifer. Steve Massie said that seeing shapes and faces in non-human objects was simply something he called "pareidolia."

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Thousands have viewed the photo on social media, giving the cloud many different interpretations.

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