Another Ft. Lauderdale Cop Fired Over Racist Comments on Social Media

Racist comments on social media are once again plaguing a South Florida police department.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has firing yet another police officer after he posted a racist comment on Facebook.

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley wrote to veteran officer Jeffrey Feldewert, 45, to tell him that he was being fired because of the actions the department says he took on social media.

The Facebook postings that cost Feldewert his job included a skull rapped in the American flag with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's badge and the partial words Savage Hunter underneath.

There was also a posting that referred to the alleged involvement of three African Americans in a bar fight. The police chief says Feldewert responded with the comment "typical hoodrat behavior," followed by an image of a minority male being arrested by white police officers.

Chief Adderley wrote Felderwert telling him: "You are being suspended and dismissed from city employment... you are being dismissed because of deficiencies in performance and/or conduct. Your actions constituted violations of the department policy... Your comments demonstrated a lack of sound judgement."

One civilian in response posted a comment saying "You seem to be a disgusting and sad individual... I hope you are not a cop as well because you seem to have a strong opinion about an entire race of people." Chief Adderley said another post by Felderwert said, "Black people because without them the evening news wouldn't be as much fun to watch."

NBC 6 reached out to the officer through his attorney at the Police Union but have yet to get a response. Feldewert was given ten days to appeal.

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